Pfaus Photography | About

Well, hello there! I'm Jenn, the woman behind the camera. I have been fortunate to be able to grow my passion into a business over the past ten years. I've met some fantastic people who I've been lucky enough to photograph over the years through each of their life stages. I couldn't ask for a more fulfilling career. I first got behind the lens of a classic film camera over twenty years ago, and to this day film remains my first love. However, as times have changed, I've transitioned to digital photography and have enjoyed the flexibility it brings to my photography.

I adore people and photographing them. So much so, that I'll just never be a landscape photographer, no matter how many times I try! I spent 13 years in HR management which gives me a unique look into the minds of the people I work with. It's exceptionally helpful in my headshot work, but you'd be surprised how helpful it is in all aspects of my photography! With a generally quick amount of time to make these in front of my lens feel comfortable it's something I am very proud of.

I have a fascination with light and the ways that light can transform photography. I've developed an extensive running list of all of the beautifully lit locations I've stumbled upon, hoping to be able to photograph my clients at a variety of magically lit places. Kiddos are my jam. As a mother, I've mastered the art of winning over patience-testing little ones and one of my most significant points of pride is when parents continue to come back to me because I've been able to capture the personalities of their "hard to photograph" children. I prefer to let the energetic kids run off some energy or pick the next location if it means I can capture some natural smiles and a bit of personality.

I'm originally from Portland and currently reside in SW with my sports-loving son and two rescue pups. Head over to my Facebook Page or follow along on my personal Instagram for a peek into my life as a mom and business owner! Want to be friends or have a chat about your next session inspiration? Let's grab a coffee (or ten) ... or something a little bit stronger?? I'm always up for new ideas and would love to work with you!