Boudoir Session Experience

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Oh man. I am hooked! Boudoir photography has definitely worked it's way into my photography lineup, forever!

In February I put out a call for 6 ladies who would be interested in some boudoir sessions at a portfolio building rate. I wanted to use it as a learning experience, knowing that there would be some bumps and lessons to be learned. I was confident that the final outcome would be beautiful and sexy shots of these brave and gorgeous ladies too! 

I am not going to lie, I was very nervous going into these sessions. Not so much because I wasn't sure I could do it... but because it was so different than what my "wheel house" is. I also have a very high expectation of myself and a responsibility to make each woman feel and look amazing. They had trusted me to do that and I really didn't want to let anyone down. In the end I am so proud of these images and the ladies who took the leap!

I loved how each session really took on it's own feel. Obviously the women are all indivduals, but from clothing choices (or lack of!) to just overall comfort level each session had it's own flavor. Some clients had a very distinct idea about what they wanted, while allowing me to take over from there. While others really wanted to be directed and that was fun too!

The first bump in the road was that I had booked a large corner room with windows on both sides... cause you know how much I love natural light. When I checked into The Nines they had goofed on the room and I ended up with a standard city view King. Urgh. I waited to see the room before storming down and throwing a fit. When I walked in I immediately knew that I could work with what I had ended up with. I had brought additional lighting and there was just enough room. Next time... I be 100% sure they have me down for the right room though, the extra space would have been nice. Boni, my fabulous makeup and hair stylist grabbed this shot and posted it to Instagram. I'm grateful for one with my umbrella in it for a more "behind the scenes look". Images on the right are what I ended up with, with that lighting.

Each session was scheduled for 45 minutes, which I wasn't sure how many wardrobe changes that would allow. It was a question that I needed answering for sure. My clients brought their own wardrobe and most had 3 planned changes. My recommendation for future sessions (that are not a solo full session) would be to plan for 2 changes. Being rushed to get into lingerie is not a fun or comfortable thing! Plus we can get LOTS of looks from a few pieces. My absolute favorite shots from the day were the clients that literally just used the sheets to evoke the feeling of nudity while still being comfortable and feeling sexy.



Now of course if you are comfortable with your body... then you may as well show it, or at least fake it until you make it! Shooting these confident gorgeous women was one of the more enjoyable photography experiences of my career. They all started out cautious, but you would never be able to tell by the images they created with me! 



After this experience I definitely have a few tips for those of you looking to book a boudoir session...

  • No one has a perfect body. Trust your photographer to be able to pose and light you in the most flattering way.
  • Boudoir is a great example of "less is more". Don't go out and buy a ton of lingerie you will never wear again!
  • Purchasing just a few pieces that fit VERY well (ignore sizes!!!) will probably be enough.
  • Accessories make a big difference. Some killer heels, layers of pearls, or a meaningful necklace is a great start. 
  • Practice posing and just moving in the mirror. The clients that knew how their body looked were more comfortable.
  • Be prepared to not love every shot. Also, be prepared to not receive images from every set up. Sometimes it just doesn't work and you don't know until you have tried!
  • Manicures and/or pedicures are a must! Hands play a big role in boudoir and you'll want them to look neat and pretty.
  • Be totally open and honest with your photographer about what you are and are NOT looking for. Also what parts of your body you are most sensitive about. We all have em!
  • Know your own personal style and comfort level. Keep in mind that boudoir can be soft and feminine or sexy and powerful, doesn't have to be either/or.... try both!

Interested in booking a boudoir session?? Click here for more details!

Email me to be on the list for the next boudoir event day... space is limited and the event days will be limited space and first come first served... 


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